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Natural Nephrite Jade Comb 天然和田玉梳(NJHB007)

Natural Nephrite Jade Comb 天然和田玉梳(NJHB007)

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和田玉 青玉雙面雕工


在古代有美好祝願 一梳百順 生活美滿的寓意

中醫認為頭部有許多重要穴位,使用玉梳梳頭能有效刺激諸多經穴,促進血液循環、疏通經絡,防止脱髮 ,保持每日一梳臉部會逐漸變得紅潤有光澤

Warm Reminder Warm Reminder

*White cotton, stone grains, mineral deficiencies, color spots or impurities may appear on the surface or inside of natural jade. These are features, not defects, and therefore none of these are grounds for return. Customers who pursue perfection, please pay attention before placing an order.

We do our utmost taking photos to be the same as the actual item. However, the color may vary from monitor to monitor. NO enhancement of the color or texture. Kindly feel free to contact us for more photos or with any questions before your checkout .We are always very happy to help you.

Each natural stone/Jade has been formed for tens of thousands of years. It has the characteristics of naturally generated clouds, ice cracks, cotton wool, impurities, black spots, mineral marks, plume cracks, etc., so the texture of each natural stone. They are all different, which is its unique charm.


Certificate is not included. The appraisal is verified by the Hong Kong Jade Appraisal Center, and the verification fee is HKD$280, which is charged by the appraisal room. Please contact us for this service.

Purchase does not include certificate. Cost of lab testing fee is HK$280 at Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory. Please contact us if you require this service.

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Local delivery in Hong Kong will use SF Express, and the goods will be shipped within 5 working days after the order is placed.

SF Express for Hong Kong local delivery, goods will be shipped within 5 working days from day of purchase.

Before delivery, we will ensure that the goods are in good condition, and will also take pictures to the buyer for confirmation, such as loss or damage during transportation is not within our scope

Before shipping we guarantees all products are fine and will take pictures to Buyers , we don't have responsibility if there is any problem when shipping,

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